woman-golfer2When you are on the practice range there are many things that you can think about and work on. Many of these will be swing technique and “back swing” thoughts. But when you get on the course it’s time to put those thoughts away and play the game of golf.

Now it’s time to think “forward swing” thoughts and focus on putting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes.

So how do you bring your a game to the course.

What are the things you should concentrate on.

Here’s my suggestion on a unique way to keep your game together and your mind in the right place. Think about the Four T’s of Golf-Target, Tension, Tempo and Trust.

Let’s take a closer look at each.


Golf is a target game, not a “swing right” game — especially on the course. If you keep your target as your main focus, and target never leaves your mind throughout the shot, both your good and your bad shots will be better. A one-pointed focus on the target will give your body the message of what needs to be accomplished.


Tension is the number one swing wrecker especially on the course. On the range the consequences are minimal so naturally tension is less. On the course we are facing a much more difficult challenge. The lower your tension level the better your shots will be…it’s that simple. You can reduce your tension level by deep breathing and thinking slowly. You can also reduce tension by picking shots that are well within your capabilities.


Tempo is what helps us synchronize the movements of the swing. Everyone has their own swing tempo, but a smooth, comfortable pace to your swing is universal to all good players. Sometimes it may be fast like Tiger and sometimes it’s slow like Vijay Singh, but at whatever tempo you swing it must be right for you.

If you have integrated the the other three T’s you’ll have a better chance of keeping your Tempo under control.


Ultimately you must put your faith into the hands of fate. You must trust the practice work you’ve done and your pre-swing preparation and let the shot happen.

It’s time to believe that you CAN pull off the shot and let it be.

Trust is the attitude that puts it all together and the framework to wrap around the other T’s. Trust comes from that acceptance of what will be.

On the course play the game of golf and let go of the technical intricacies of the swing. Give the four T’s a try and add them to your pre-shot routine. I think you’ll find they can help your game and also make it more fun.