Golf Testimonials

Plantation Palms Golf Course is a hidden gem. It’s hidden because for many years the course was strictly private. But now that the course is open for public play, the word is getting out. Here’s what a few of our happy golfers have to say.

A much more improved course. Very fast greens. The course shows no signs of the previous challenges it has faced. A very successful come back.
GOLF ADVISOR 12/30/2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my round of golf at Plantation Palms. The course was in great shape and provided a very fair and challenging experience. I really appreciated the friendly and responsive staff. I was visiting relatives in the area and I can tell you that a course of this caliber in the Philadelphia area would be $70-$90 a round.
GOLF ADVISOR 12/28/2017

Let me start by saying this was the first time at this course ever so I have nothing to compare it to back when it first opened which I heard was amazing. Anyways let me start out by saying the staff is AMAZING !! If I could have given 10 stars I would have. I was a single player and they worked to get get me out with a group that would fit my playing ability. What was amazing is I even met up with a staff member 1/2 way through my round asking me how I was doing and if the pace of play was ok. Just awesome !! I loved the course layout and really only knocked down the Pace of Play to Good only because it could have been just a little better. I’ve been on other courses where its been horrific so really it wasn’t that bad. And I only gave the course conditions a good because I know they will be continually working on this course and I need to leave room for that Excellent rating in the future !! The group I was playing with actually came in from Largo. I will be back for sure and look forward to introducing this course to my brother in the near future.
GOLF ADVISOR 12/21/2017

Couldn’t be more happy for these guys that the course is coming back and looking so good. They found my sweater left over in a cart and called me to tell me to come back and get it. I’ve left things in carts a dozen or more times and never experienced that before. Will definitely be back.
GOLF ADVISOR 12/15/2017

It’s a great golf course. The layout is great. Fairways and Greens are in great condition. Staff are very professional and friendly.
GOLF ADVISOR 12/13/2017

Challenging course with a great layout! Fairways were in good shape and was a great place to play for the cost.
GOLF ADVISOR 12/12/2017